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Barcelona Moustaches Time - Group 2 Predictions

Welcome back everybody. It seems like you quite enjoyed my prediction on the first group. I didn't get any death threats, so that's a good sign. Anyway, what will follow are my predictions for Group 2.

Group 2 - Games

To some called the Group of Italians (because there will be an Italian playing in Toulouse AND Qwaffles; and of course Lunatica themselves), to me called the Group of Revenge and New Opportunities. With the Barcelona Eagles (3th place at Brussels Muscles Invitational), Lunatica QC (Italian national champions and 4th place at EQC) and Toulouse QC (ehm....), this will be an a group full of revenge and new opportunities, hence the super original name.

9:00 - Lunatica QC vs Barcelona Eagles
A game of opportunities. The Wolves and the Eagles have never faced each other before in a tournament not any friendly. Both of the teams both want to play each other, and here it finally is. The opening game of the tournament (well... on pitch 1) and already so important in this group. Lunatica has the best papers as national champion and almost a bronze medal at EQC. But the Eagles have a home ground advantage. The heat (it will be around 26°C) will not be a problem for both of the teams, they're used to it. I think this game will come down to strong chasing and not really beating. Although Lunatica's beaters will their hands full with smart plays from Barcelona. Lunatica nor Eagles have the strongest beater play. Lunatica is a strong team that can endure anything physical, but are not really physical themselves. Although, Lunatica is a fast team (mostly thanks to Andrea Miglietta). They can have a head start really quickly and then have all their forces on defense. If they combine that with their god seeker Davide Termite, they could win easily. And that's probably exactly what they might do. But the Eagles have seen Lunatica several times and know exactly what they can and shall do. But the Eagles are not mentally strong as Lunatica is to come back, so if the Eagles don't come out with a quick snitch catch, it's not going to work for them. That's why I give the win to Lunatica. 

9:40 - Brussels Qwaffles vs Toulouse QC
A year ago, Toulouse would have been able to beat the Qwaffles. But not today. Even with only a 13-men roster of the Qwaffles, they should not have any problem. With 8 people who were essential for the bronze medal at EQC, they should have no problem with Toulouse. But it's still a great opportunity for Toulouse to see where they can improve for the next games. 

11:00 - Toulouse QC vs Lunatica QC
A cross doesn't stop wolves... Lunatica should not have any problem with Toulouse. This is just an opportunity for the Italians to come on top of the group. 

11:00 - Barcelona Eagles vs Brussels Qwaffles
Aye caramba! When these 2 teams came into the same group, the whole Eagle-Qwaffle-game at EQC just flashed in front of me. The 90*^-30 score might look not exciting at all, but if you have seen this game, you'll know how exciting this was. With a quick lead from the Eagles by scoring 3 hoops, Qwaffles were struggling. But the Qwaffles' "snitchkiller" did find a way to come back by grabbing the snitch. 30*-30 and going to overtime. And in overtime, Qwaffles were unstoppable because of their keeper, beaters and of course seeker. And all the players who were important back then, will meet the Eagles again. This time not in Brussels, but in Barcelona. Yes, I'll be playing with the Qwaffles. But you should know that I'm also an honorary member of the Barcelona Eagles, but in fact, I'm a chaser in the Ghent Gargoyles upcoming season. My teammates are going to kill me, but I think the Eagles will now come out on top. Purely because I don't think Qwaffles will have a proper strategy nor proper communication on pitch to their mercs. Eagles will know what to do. As long as the Qwaffles' seeker does not catch the snitch early in game, Eagles should win this... but it will be close. 

12:20 - Toulouse QC vs Barcelona Eagles
Anyone who played any game in the Assassins Creed Ezio trilogy knows that Ezio jumped off a cross a few times to murder some people. Ezio = eagle. Cross = Toulouse logo.Was that already a sign for this game? Probably not, but that wouldn't stop Barcelona to make it true. They have done it before (like... 5 times or something). I hope you readers know that I'm talking about Barcelona defeating Toulouse and not Barcelona actually jumping off the backs of Toulouse to murder people...

12:20 - Lunatica QC vs Brussels Qwaffles
Once again a rematch from EQC. The bronze medal game in fact. They only played once before. And Qwaffles won. But Brussels could have lost it easily. Lunatica made some last minute mistakes, that could bring Qwaffles back into the game. And if you give the Qwaffles the comeback, they'll win. They proved it versus NTNUI, Barcelona Eagles, Dodos and Lunatica. Qwaffles is the team of the comeback. But you can also call Lunatica a team of comebacks. Just think about the final on the Italian national championships versus Milano Meneghins. They were 9 (!) hoops down and still got it into overtime where they did win in the end! No comebacks will happen in this game. It will be close on quaffle points. Both teams have excellent chasers and beaters. So it might just come down to the snitch catch. And with on both sides brilliant seekers: Nicolas on the Qwaffles, Davide on Lunatica. But I don't feel the win of the Qwaffles (this could change during the week), and actually think Lunatica might squeeze themselves out of this game. It'll be close.

Final Conclusion
1) Lunatica QC: 3 - 0
2) Barcelona Eagles: 2 - 1
3) Brussels Qwaffles: 1 - 2
4) Toulouse QC: 0 - 3

P.S.: I'm not a professional. This prediction is probably horrible and I might get an angry mob of people after me (especially my own team... (It's not that I don't have faith in us, I just think the other teams might be a little stronger than us)). I'm sorry if I have insulted anyone or any team; I love you all as a person. This is my personal feeling at THIS moment and can technically change during the week.

P.S.S.: Thanks to Lunatica Q.C. for the graphics (and no people, this is not why I put them on top). 

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