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Barcelona Moustaches Time - Group 1 Predictions

Hello everyone, welcome to part 2 of my preview of Barcelona Moustaches Time. Yesterday I gave you a brief review of what the different teams have accomplished in the past and what's so special about them. Today, I'll be looking at group 1 and writing my personal opinion on what the most important games will be, what teams might end on top, and what teams might be struggling. As I said before, in part 1, this is my opinion and I don't know all the qualities of every player/team. Let's get started!

Group 1 - Games

The group that I like to call, the group of death. Just like Group C at EQC, this group is full of top teams. Paris Phénix (EQC runner-ups), Deurne Dodo's (upcoming powerhouse), the Quercs (full of talented team UK players), Los Conquidstadors (just as the Quercs, full of talented UK players) and the Sparcs (the Spanish merc team). Some players might have faced off before, and some will experience the strength for the first time.

9:00 - Deurne Dodo's vs Los Conquidstadors
This group starts with a pretty good fixture. With Dodos and Los Conquidstadors starting, this will give a great inside on how both teams will do for the rest of the game. The last time the Dodos played an English team, was at EQC, where they lost versus Oxford Quidlings with 30-90*. The team was not ready for that game. In my opinion, if they would play again, the Dodos might win. No-one from the Conquidstadors has ever played the Dodos in their life before, so this is a really interesting fixture. This game will be important for this whole group. This will be a close game. Although, I think Los Conquidstadors will win. The Dodos are a driving-the-quaffle-to-hoops team and have not the best organised defense, and will be struggling with female chasers. UK teams are organised very well in defense and can make the tackles on the driving chasers. It'll still be hard for Los Conquidstadors to get through the amazing beater duo: Inke Gieghase and Louis Lermytte, but I think they can do it. But if the Dodos read this, they'll love to prove me wrong. Good luck to both teams.

9:40 - The Mighty and Amazing Quercs vs Sparcs
I don't have much to say about this game. In my opinion Quercs will win. Too many Sparcers lack experience, if they do have any at all. The Quercs will take this one away without any real problem. This will be the ideal Querc moment to figure out how they'll play for the rest of the day. If they do not find their "mojo" in the first game, it might be too late in the second one...

10:20 - Los Conquidstadors vs The Mighty and Amazing Quercs
The Battle of UK. When Portuguese/Spanish soldiers tried conquering South-America, they did not encounter a weird pink species. If they did, they would probably not have called that species "Querc". But now 6 centuries later, they have an encounter. Not in South-America, but on the homeground of the original conquistadors. But those conquerors have evolved to quidditch playing athletes, just like the the pink species. Maybe 6 centuries ago, they did encounter each other and a great rivalry was born. There have been some friendly threats back and forth, ready to settle it once and for all. But the firearms and spears are replaced by brooms, bludgers, a quaffle and a snitch. The brooms will be taken by all of them; the quaffle will go back and forth; the bludger will cause blood; and the snitch will be caught. Whole this game will be decided on the beaters. And because the Quercs will not have experienced beaters and L.C. will have really experienced (Team UK) chasers to get through those beaters. Although all players really know each other what makes it really complicated. If this was a football game, this would end in a draw. So everything might come down to a snitch catch. Looking at the gameplay schedule, an Eagle is going to be the snitch. No Eagle has any snitch certification, so the moment the snitch gets on pitch he/she might just get caught. So no real need for experienced seekers. Why is it so hard to say who's going to win? Because I don't know a lot of people from L.C. and T.M.A.A.Q. are playing on their least favoured positions. And purely because of that, I think Los Conquidstadors will win. I'm sorry Quercs, I believe in you and love you all, but just out of my personal thought now, you might just lose by a bit. Also, L.C. will have had some rest, you guys just come from a game against the Sparcs.

10:20 - Sparcs vs Paris Phénix
First performance from Paris Phénix on this tournament and the season. Phénix should not have any problems with the Sparcs. The Sparcs need to go into this game right after playing the Quercs. Phénix will not go all out in this, but will still win. Hands down.

11:40 - Paris Phénix vs Los Conquidstadors

Aaaah.... the great French team vs a British team. This is some actual history. The Anglo-French War, the Hundred Years' War, ... heck. They were even fighting in the American War of Indepence. We have seen Phénix vs Chimeras in quidditch before. We have seen France vs UK in quidditch before. We have seen tears and smiles. We have seen broken brooms and war cries. We have seen tackles and amazing battles. But it all comes down to this. If Los Conquidstadors win this game, they're pretty much the winner of this group. And why not. With 5 Team UK chasers vs just a few Team France chasers, I definitely think L.C. can take this one away. French teams are known for not the best beaters, and Paris would need them to defeat a UK team. *epic Tekken voice* "Los Conquidstadors win!"

11:40 - The Mighty and Amazing Quercs vs Deurne Dodos
This game will remind a lot of the Conquidstadors vs Dodos and Conquidstadors vs Quercs game. It'll be close. And just like I said earlier, I need to say a name. And you know what, Deurne Dodos will win. I don't know why. I just feel like it now. If there's one team who has the fighting spirit, it's the Dodos. "Extinction can't stop us" is their slogan, and that's exactly what they will do. They'll keep fighting. And. Take. It. Away. I said it now. Dodos surprised us at EQC, so why not again? They defeated Paris Frog before, again a surprise. Why not Quercs?

 13:00 - Deurne Dodos vs Paris Phénix
Phénix is losing some of it's reign. They have bean beaten by Paris Frog several times. As far as I know, they're not bringing their top chaser and seeker "Tarzan". Phénix will have a hard time against the Dodos. The Beakbirds swallowed the Frog before. So did the Firebirds. But at this moment, the Dodos are a little stronger. And will win this game. Dodos actually are remembered in history. A phoenix is just a mythological creature. If Dodos do win this game, they'll be remembered in history once again. And I think they will be remembered in history.

13:00 - Los Conquidstadors vs Sparcs

Again, Sparcs will not have a chance. Conquidstadors, you have just conquered my mind and the group. Congratulations.

14:20 - Sparcs vs Dodos
Is the reason why dodos don't exist anymore because they were hit by lightning? No-one knows. This spark of Sparcs will not threaten the rebirth of the race of Dodos. I would say the Dodos will fly over them, but dodos can't fly.... So.... they... bite them... to death? I don't know how dodos killed their enemies.... Not saying that they'll kill the Sparcs... they'll just defeat them.

14:20 - Paris Phénix vs The Mighty and Amazing Quercs

Final chance for both of the teams. But the Quercs are not going to let this one go. Phénix, I want to believe in you, but I'm just not feeling it. The Quercs will play way smarter. How? Don't ask me. That's just how I feel (*music starts to play*).

Final conclusion

1) Los Conquidstadors: 4 - 0
2) Deurne Dodos: 3 - 1
3) The Mighty and Amazing Quercs: 2 - 2
4) Paris Phénix: 1 - 3
5) Sparcs: 0 - 4

Join me tomorrow for my predictions on Group 2.

P.S.: I'm not a professional. This prediction is probably really horrible and I'll probably get an angry mob of people after me. I'm sorry if I have insulted anyone or any team. I love you all as a person. This is my personal feeling at THIS moment and can technically already change by tomorrow. (Really sorry if I offended anyone. I really really do and I really don't mean it). 

P.S.S.: Thanks to Lunatica Q.C. for the graphics.

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